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Who are we?

EuP is proud to be at top 5 filler masterbatch manufacturer worldwide that accomplished European standard in producing and distributing products in more than 70 countries around the world. Having over 10 years of working experience in the field of plastic beads, EuP is always the first choice of customers as we produce and supply more than 100 types of plastic masterbatch meeting all requirements, ranging from taical, additive, colorant for plastic or compound, etc. EuroPlas masterbatches are beneficial from crystallized limestones in Vietnam that formed hundreds thousands years ago and are refined by modern machinery with European standard. As an expert in the master batch plastic production and distribution, EuP is confident in gaining advanced knowledge about the master batch market and in owning a wide network of relationships with both international and domestic partners belonging to this field. EuP is always trying our best to deliver the best quality products and dedicated consulting services to help customers understand the product and make their proper decisions.

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With more than 10 years ofexperience in the field of plasticmasterbatch, EuP concentrates in products with high value and are environmentallyfriendly. In addition, we also focus on modernizing the technology line tocreate safe products for consumers’ health. Coming to EuP, customers will feelsatisfied with the stable quality of products, as well as professionaltechnical support services.

  • Samples with free of charge
  • 100% masterbatch products are qualified before packaging and shipping
  • Competitive price and quick delivery
  • Convenience with low MOQ or customized order
  • Consistency in both one-time service and after-sales service
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We deliver various and qualified masterbatch products

EuroPlas manufactures and delivers more than 130 masterbatch products to both domestic and international markets, especially filler master batch, additives, technical resin compound, etc.

Internationally prestigious reputation in masterbatch industry

EuroPlas belongs to top 5 best masterbatches manufacturers in the world with European standard technical systems and had been achieved precious belief from customers worldwide.

Beneficial material resources for producing master batch

EuroPlas is a trustworthy distributor that supplies masterbatch products exploited from the best quality resources with hundreds thousands-year-ages and manipulated by modern technology provided by Europe.

Skillful and professional staffs whom are experts in plastic field

EuP's staffs are all plastic specialists with more than 10 years of experiences working in this industry and have been trained locally and abroad. They are all professional, enthusiastic in work and willing to help customers.

Typical masterbatch products

Filler Masterbatch

Filler masterbatch are in form of granules. These particles are used a lot in consumer goods such as PVC pipes, ceiling panels, electric wires, etc. in order to reduce product costs, increase durability and modify various properties of product and help manufacturers increase productivity during processes.


Additives special plastic added to pure plastic in the production process to create different properties such as increase toughness, durability, deodorize plastic, insulation and anti-UV capacity etc. for finished products. we provide a wide range of additives such as: anti-UV, anti-stick, anti-static, optical brightening, etc.

Color Masterbatch

Color master batch are colored plastic beads which are added into raw plastic materials to create colorful appearance for the products according to customers' wishes. EuP's products are made up of high-grade color powders supplied from well-known partners in the world. EuP specializes in providing plastic masterbatches with a wide range of colors and special effect options.


Technical resin compound is high quality synthetic resin, which is very important for investors when producing high-tech goods in large quantities. Compound used as raw materials when creating plastic products that require high technology, qualityand color ensurement. Compound can be used in production without adding any other additives.

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Masterbatch Packing & Shipping Policy

shipping policy

Delivery processes are optimized within 7 days after your order is confirmed to safe as much time as possible for Customers.

masterbatch packing

Our products are stored in dry and airy conditions before carefully packed in PP/PE bags at 2 distinct weights (25 kg/pack and 1100 kg/pack) with detailed labels depends on requirements of clients.