Additive Masterbatch

90% of all plastic products in the world are added with additive calcium carbonate masterbatch. The use of additive masterbatches in plastic production not only brings a variety of shapes but also creates the proper color for users. From the primary plastic, when we add different types of plastic additives, these compounds will make the final products gain different properties: increased toughness, increased color stability, deodorize for recycled plastic, insulation, creating glossiness, anti-UV ability, etc. Depending on the purpose of the customer, there are materials that are added only 1 new function, some other types will be modified with 2 or more properties. For example, PE can be mixed with various waxes, resins, and polymers as input material for multi-features production.

What is Additive masterbatch?

Additive calcium carbonate masterbatch is a very important component in multi-functions plastic production process. The use of additive such as become a revolution in the plastic industry. The primary plastic does not have toughness, hardness, or UV protection, etc. These properties are obtained by combining additives. To supply the demand for human materials, scientists have studied plastic additive masterbatch – the natural or synthetic compounds that are added to the plastic production processes, aiming to change and improve the properties of raw materials such as improving transparency for PP or PE plastic, making plastic products’ surfaces smoother and glossier, etc.

Anti-block additive calcium carbonate masterbatch

During film production processes (films and sheets used in food packaging), the sticking situation between plastic layers can disenable the utility of products. In these cases, anti-sticking (also called anti-blocking, anti-adhesive) and anti-slip additives calcium carbonate masterbatch is the greatest solution to reduce the interaction and prevent suctions between plastic layers, thus create an ideal environment for more convenient and easier film machining and processing.

Additives calcium carbonate masterbatch variations used in manufacturing

In order to serve numerous demands of customers around the world on plastic products, EuP incorporation is specialized for supplying our customers these types of additives calcium carbonate masterbatch:

Processing aid additive calcium carbonate masterbatch

Processing aid additive is researched to improve flexible (or plastilized) plastic products such as electric wires, blow molds, HDPE pipes, etc. This plastic additive acts as a lubricant adhering to the metal surface and has the effect on reducing friction between plastic and other surfaces, making the product dispersed more evenly and helping the surface achieve more glossiness.

Anti-UV additive calcium carbonate masterbatch

In the case of plastic products must be regularly exposed to the sunlight, UV-resistant plastic additives calcium carbonate masterbatch will help the plastic remain its color, hinder the impact of degeneration by ultraviolet rays. These types of plastic additives help to extend the life of products exposed to sunlight or other UV radiation sources.

Anti-static additive calcium carbonate masterbatch

Static and electricity resistance is a problem in the plastics industry because in modern life plastics are required to be highly insulated. In addition, the small electric sparks emitted from the charge or leaks socket will easily cause the flames to ignite other electronic devices. The anti-static plastic additive  is widely used to eliminate the discharge and prevent the formation of surface dust. Also the processing procedure will be more efficient and safer when the ability to charge on the surface is limited.

clarifying additive calcium carbonate masterbatch

During machining process, aging plastic will fade quickly or will become colorless soon. The additive for transparency and glossiness enhances the clarity and gloss of plastic products as well as increases the hardness and helps the product to get in shape better.

Optical Brightener Additive masterbatch

Multi-color products are always present in our lives. They play a vital role in contributing various choices in appearance that satisfy multiple perspectives of human. The textile and fashion industry is one of the industries that require eye-catching and high-quality color materials, for example non-woven fabrics, carpets and rough yarns. Colored plastic masterbatch used in this industry needs to contain pigments with high color retention and dispersion ability to avoid being torn apart. High quality EuP color master batch can meet these requirements and bring customers’ products with the right color according to the designer’s intent.​


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