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EuP specializes in producing colorant for plastic, color rein-based materials and coloring plastic products madeof PE, PP, PS, and ABS plastics. We can provide to any customers worldwide their required color masterbatch: black, white masterbatch, yellow, brown masterbatch, etc.

High quality EuP colored plastic masterbatch are made from high-quality European color powders, with a wide variety of colors, which can meet customer’s needs and create beautiful products.

Europlas colored plastic masterbatch with European standards under EU No. 10/2011 and EU No. 1282/2011 will always ensure safety, even when exposed to food and be always friendly to the environment.


What is color masterbatch?

Color masterbatch is plastic material in form of granules produced by extruding the mixture of 3 compounds: base plastic, colorants and additives.The amount of pigments and additives is usually less than 10% of the total amount of the whole mixture. Color masterbatch is also widely used in plastic industry in order to add colorant for plastic, thus create colorful look for the finished products that satisfy customer’s needs as well as reduce production costs. Not only giving the product an eye-catching appearance, this kind of masterbatch also carries numerous progressive properties such as good dispersion, heat resistance and eco-friendly properties.

More advantages

In plastic industry, color masterbatch can be applied to manufacture multiple products such as pipes, woven bags, film blowing, foaming, etc. Common applications of colored plastic masterbatch are listed below:

·      Production of PP, PE packaging

·      Production of household plastic products

·      Production of plastic bags, plastic sheet

·      Production of non-woven fabrics

·      Production of shoes and other footwear

Advantages of using color masterbatch in plastic manufacturing

Instead of using conventional pigments powder, color masterbatch plastic pellets are recommended for a majority of plastic manufacturer because this material is beneficial for all manufacturers, users and the environment.The outstanding feature of colored plastic masterbatch compared to the usual colorant for plastic is the pigment dispersion which leads to the intent color and glossiness, increased hardness and durability of the product. It achieve the noticeable advantage that it is able to replace original pigments in production procedure, hence the product quality is not only enhanced but the goods supplied to the market can also help protect the environment.

plastic masterbatch eup color masterbatch

Applications of color masterbatch in daily life

At EuP, our color masterbatch experts will investigate and collect information about customers’ company, products and requirements to create colorful plastic products that match their preferences. Depending on the recipe, our colorant for plastic will be either selected from the standard color palette or customized to satisfy exactly the customer’s wishes. Therefore, EuP masterbatch products will always bring satisfaction to the customers.

Applications of color masterbatch in housewares

The main ingredient of PP filler masterbatch is uncoated CaCO3compound with high fineness combined with primary PP resin and other additives. This material is used in the process or injecting, extruding or spinning to generate household appliances such as plastic baskets, fruits and vegetables containers, plastic pipes and woven bags, etc. This filler is widely used to reduce product costs, whiten product appearance and increase hardness of products.

Applications of color masterbatch in packaging fields

Regarding the food packaging industry, EuP color master batch allow producers to increase aesthetics of products while still adhering to anti-toxic regulations. Popular plastic packaging products that can be generated form our colorant for plastic such as: animal feed packaging, plastic bottles in beverage industry, bags, barrels, cans, etc.

application filler masterbatch color masterbatch

Applications of color masterbatch in textile industry

Multi-color products are always present in our lives. They play a vital role in contributing various choices in appearance that satisfy multiple perspectives of human. The textile and fashion industry is one of the industries that require eye-catching and high-quality color materials, for example non-woven fabrics, carpets and rough yarns. Colored plastic masterbatch used in this industry needs to contain pigments with high color retention and dispersion ability to avoid being torn apart. High quality EuP color master batch can meet these requirements and bring customers’ products with the right color according to the designer’s intent.​


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