Based on the exact specifications of the functions and colors for typical products and based on the customer’s requirements, the technical plastic compound can be fully processed accordingto the accurate process being operated by our modern machinery. EuP always ensures clean and safe material-handling processes, with the accurate ratio of raw plastic, color powders and additives that are specifically modified carefully

What is Compond

If masterbatch plastic is an additive added into the primary plastic,then EuP’s technical resin compound is a new plastic mixture created by combiningprimary plastic (which could be PP, PE, PVC, or ABS, etc.), functional additives (in order to enhance some specific properties of the original masterbatch plastic) and colorants.Unlike other master batch types, functional characteristics of this plastic mixture is much more improved than the original plastic that enable them to be more convenient for processing and to deliver homogenous quality at the whole batch without adding any other masterbatch plastic.

Differences between processes of manufacturing masterbatch plastic and compound

The production process of technical resin compound can be summarized as this diagram:

Raw material (primary masterbatch) → Quantitative (add colorings and additives) → Mixed at high speed (heating process) → Extrusion to forming plastic granules → Cooling → Packaging and storing.

Advantages of compound

In the past, in order to manufacture final plastic products, producers often added filler masterbatch plastic into the primary masterbatch. Recently, thanks to advanced technology, EuP has created technical resin compounds by blending additives and masterbatch plastic with a proper proportion, instead of adding additives or color masterbatch separately. By using these modern techniques, ompound itself is easier to be utilized in plastic processing procedures. ompound has the advantage of being easy to mix with other substances and creatingproducts with the homogenous quality. On the other hand, the process ofproducing compound plastic are also established to avoid harmful dust and dirtcausing air pollution.

Nowadays, the masterbatch plastic industry is looking for new ways to increase processing efficiency while saving as much productionmaterials as possible. Therefore, additive such as compounds are commonly used because of their convenience and accuracy in mixingratio of its ingredients, instead of using single masterbatch plastic. The environmental benefit is also a new motivation for businesses to prioritize technical plastic compounds in the production process.

Types of Compounds

PVC compound masterbatch plastic

Besides commonly used masterbatch plastic such as PP, PE and HIPS , the plastic manufacturing company EuP specially provides technical plastic compound withPVC-resin base,  which is mainly applied in electrical fields (mostly for producing electrical details and features).

·      Electric cables, automotive cables, computer cables, controlling cables, insulated cables, etc.

·      Automobile features: electric wires used in vehicles (cars, motorbikes, etc.), electric circuits, etc.

·      Medical materials: straws, plastic bags, respiratory masks, and other plastic medical materials.

·      Household items: bathroom slippers, electric wires, water pipes, plastic tools, floor mats, etc.

ABS compound masterbatch plastic

Instead of adding multiple additives to ABS masterbatch plastic, technical ABS resin compound is manufactured by EuP from high quality ABS base plastic, colorants and other appropriate additives. Engineering ABS plastic compound help customers reducing production costs as well as increasing hardness, durability and improving the uniformity of final products.

ABS compound is a thermoplastic compound with the ability to resist to strong impacts, thus it is used in a wide variety of products with distinct properties ranging from light to hard or ductile products such as tubes, multi-purposes cases, musical instruments, golf club heads (which requires excellent impact resistance), gear cases, toys, etc.

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