Filler masterbatch (also called taical) is widely used material in plastic productions. Lets find out how filler masterbatch was produced!

High-quality filler masterbatch

 Filler mastebatch (Taital) of EuroPlas is additive compound consisting of base plastic (PP, PE, ABS, PVC, etc.), CaCO3 compound as filler, color powders and other additives. These ingredients are mixed together during the plastic injection processes. The most common purpose in using taical is replacing a part of base resins in production, hence saving production costs for manufacturers. Besides that, during the process, multiple additives are added in the compound to enhance several properties of the plastics.

Improve quality

 To be more specific, CaCO3 compound masterbatch can improve hardness, durability or thermal and electrical resistance of products, which makes the less likely to be burned or exploded when interacting with heat or fire.

Cut Price

Above all, the most important purpose of using this material is to minimize costs as well as increase production efficiency for the factories. The quality was increased while the price was cut down becomes the reason why filler masterbatch produced by EuroPlas is widely used in the plastic industry.

Applications of Filler Masterbatch in

plastic production

European-standard filler supplied by EuroPlas can serve as raw material with lower cost while their physical and mechanical properties are also increased and as consequence, quality of final products is ensured.

Types of Filler Masterbatches

EuP Group is specialized in manufacturing and distributing a variety of filler masterbatch such as PE Filler, PP Filler, PS Filler (HIPS CaCO3 compound), transparent filler, BiO Filler (Bio-degradable resins), etc.

application filler masterbatch color masterbatch
plastic masterbatch

PE filler masterbatch

PE Filler masterbatch is polyethylene-based masterbatch with CaCO3compound accounted for 70 – 80% resulting in grayish-white color. This compound is easily dispersed and is well compatible with the environment, which has good heat resistance, anti-slip and limited environmental pollution properties due to fire retardation when there is heat catalyzer. PE filler is commonly used in film and industrial membranes production, plastic bags (i.e garbage bags, supermarket carrying bags, etc.) and packaging materials manufacturing, pipes and molded features (plastic containers like cans, bottles, etc.) extrusion.

plastic masterbatch

Pp filler masterbatch

The main ingredient of PP filler masterbatch is uncoated CaCO3compound with high fineness combined with primary PP resin and other additives. This material is used in the process or injecting, extruding or spinning to generate household appliances such as plastic baskets, fruits and vegetables containers, plastic pipes and woven bags, etc. This filler is widely used to reduce product costs, whiten product appearance and increase hardness of products.

Transparent filler contains 70% talc powder in its composition.This material is used to manufacture plastic-based products requires transparent or not-altering original color look. Final products with transparent filler in their formation achieve a significant improved quality with a smoother, glossier and tougher surface. Transparent CaCO3 compound is widely applied in production of adhesive tape (woven bags, plastic mesh, etc.) with the ability to maintain durability and stiffness without losing the original color and retaining the transparency of the product.

Transparent filler masterbatch

filler masterbatch

HIPS filler masterbatch

HIPS Filler is another popular masterbatch which includes 70 – 80% of CaCO3 compound combined with PS resin and other additives. This type of filler is used to manufacturing processes of household features such as food containers, egg trays, etc. HIPS filler owns transparent, odorless and colorless properties that are easily modified in plastic injection.

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