Update masterbatch plastic news: South Korean promoted “Say NO to plastic packaging”

Masterbatch plastic is probably one of the most wonderful materials ever found on earth. However, over-using masterbatch plastic has been causing various severe problems to our nature. In the purposes of reducing harmful impacts to the environment, the prohibition in using plastic bags has been in effect in South Korea since the beginning of 2019 and this country is stepping up to the next level in the fight against plastic packaging by joining the expanding list of countries attempting to stop consuming single-use plastic bags.

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The ban on the use of masterbatch plastic products and its reasons

Currently, many courier companies in South Korea are trying to minimize the use of masterbatch plastic packaging. In order to protect the environment, the South Korean government has issued the new laws on the usage of plastic bags in supermarkets and retail stores across the country since the beginning of 2019.

According to statistics, Korea packed a total of 2.54 billion parcels last year, making it the second largest waste producer in the world with 62kg of waste per capita used annually. Recognizing the waste crisis has had negative impacts to the environment, owners and employees at courier services companies have replaced masterbatch plastic packaging with packaging made by more environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard or using paper-tape instead of plastic tape. Styrofoam boxes used for fresh food are also eliminated from daily life.  

The limiting masterbatch plastic project was well supported by scientists and environmental activists

Mr. Kim Ki-bak, a member of the project “Do not use plastic packaging” said: “The project “Do not use plastic packaging” helps to sort waste easily and helps businesses as well as more and more consumers being raised awareness about environmental issues through implementing green solutions.”

Mr. Kim Ki-bak, along with many others environmental activists in South Korea, spent years for selecting and testing various environmental-friendly materials in an effort to reduce costs for the production of non-masterbatch plastic packages. New types of packaging cost approximately 30% higher than regular plastic packaging, while with packages for cold storage, the price can be up to 70% higher.


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