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Plastic masterbatch is calcium carbonate filler material, usually in solid form that is commonly used in plastic industry. EuP’s masterbatch is the hardened compound of base polymer, calcicum carbonate powder (exploited from hundred-year-old limestones in Vietnam), color and other additives, that are altogether mixed in the process of heating the plastics, following with cutting into granules and ending with cooling process. Plastic master batch is added into base resins with several purposes such as reducing production cost (filler master batch), adding colorful effects (color master batch) or enhancing properties (additive) of the final products. At EuP, besides offering various types of master batch, we also offer special plastic compounds (such as ABS, PVC, etc.) that are carefully generated as raw materials for high-tech features of some industries.

Master batch is utilized in plastic industry with a wide variety of purposes. Each type of calcium carbonate filler carries several specific properties such as anti-UV, anti-oxidant, antistatic ability etc. In daily life, plastic master batch involves in various applications in plastic-base packaging, construction materials or household features. The main reason for the tremendous development of master batch industry comes from the huge and potential demand in Vietnam market and the need of using good quality materials with low cost of other industries using plastic as a raw material.

Our Plastic Masterbatch products

Filler Masterbatch

plastic masterbatch
plastic masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch is a popular ingredient which helps the plastic factories cut cost while producing plastic products.

eup filler masterbatch
plastic masterbatch eup

Color Masterbatch is included Black masterbatch, white masterbatch and other color masterbatch.

Our Plastic Masterbatch products

Color masterbatch

plastic masterbatch eup color masterbatch

Additive masterbatch includes: Antioxidant Additives, Anti-Dew Additive, Anti-Adhesive Additives, Antistatic Additives, Lubricant Additive, Reduce Friction, White Additives, Incremental Additives, Anti-Bacterial Additives, etc

Our Plastic Masterbatch products

Additive Masterbatch

plastic masterbatch calcium carbonate masterbatch
masterbatch plastic compound
plastic masterbatch color


Our Plastic Masterbatch products

In the technology of plastic processing, it is impossible not to mention the role of fillers and additives. It can be said that almost all types of plastic products require additives in the sense of “fillers”, or “additives and fillers”.

plastic masterbatch eup

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Masterbatch Packing & Shipping Policy
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Our products are stored in dry and airy conditions before carefully packed in PP/PE bags at 2 distinct weights (25 kg/pack and 1100 kg/pack) with detailed labels depends on requirements of clients.